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The library holds all the modern Forth books, proceedings and periodicals and others no longer in print [Reviews]
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Comprehensive index to published Forth source code
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"I have, I hope, included just enough information for you to decide which Forth might interest you."
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Three UK companies and one university offer courses in Forth
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What is Forth?
A quick overview including: A newcomer's view FAQs ON FORTH Further Reading
Forth in the UK
This article reports the current status of Forth, its use in the UK and the role of FIG UK.
Learning Forth
Those aspects of Forth that differ from other, more conventional languages [Factoring] [Stack Diagrams] [Syntax] [Stack Tips]
Building Your Own Forth
Setting out in simple terms the principles that underlie any Forth


WebForth Project
Forth as a Java applet
F11UK Hardware Project
A low-cost kit using the Motorola HC11 microcontroller