Forthwrite Index by Author Since 1990

Abrahams, David

tools         1995-10 General purpose utilities for F-PC
review        2001-07 "Extreme Mindstorms" book

Allwright, R.E.

design        1995-06 Pagination
vectoring     1997-11 From the 'Net - Defer and Is
internals     1998-03 From the 'Net - Minimal word sets
humour        1998-05 A Story of Cowboys
internals     1999-04 From the 'Net - Turnkey Apps and Docs

Anderson, Joe

applications  1998-07 Forth In Space
review        1999-06 Forth for Virtual Reality
applications  2001-07 Forth for NEAR Spacecraft
review        2003-01 Vierte Dimension 3/2002 
review        2003-07 Vierte Dimension 4/2002
review        2003-09 Vierte Dimension 1/2003 
review        2003-12 Vierte Dimension 2/2003 
review        2004-02 Vierte Dimension 3/2003 
review        2004-05 Vierte Dimension 4/2003
review        2004-07 Vierte Dimension 1/2004 
review        2004-12 Vierte Dimension 2/2004 

Avins, Jerry

tools         2003-07 Dump Unique 

Baden, Wil

permutations  2000-11 Permutation by Transposition Sequence ACM 115A

Barr, Stan

stacks        1995-12 A third stack

Behringer, Fred

systems       1997-08 Forth for the Transputer
roots         1998-03 Square roots once more
roots         1998-05 Cubic roots without division
file tools    1999-01 ANS File Words for Turbo Forth - 1
history       1999-11 Swap Dragon
arithmetic    2000-04 32-bit GCD without Division
permutations  2001-04 Generating Combinations
logic         2001-07 Arithmetized Logic in Forth
review        2002-07 German FIG Annual Conference

Bennett, Paul E.

FANSI project 1990-06 Time for a new FIG Forth (comment)
FANSI project 1990-12 FANSI environs (proposal)
control flow  1991-04 High level FOR..NEXT (code)
presentation  1991-06 Manual documentation (code)
FANSI project 1991-10 Report on FANSI
systems       1992-02 Pygmy Forth (review)
internals     1992-10 Top-down development of a Forth system
vectoring     1992-10 Vectoring with DOER and MAKE
internals     1993-04 QUIT, the story continues...
tools         1993-06 +MOD! (LOG?) and commenting words
tools         1994-02 Spooling and browsing
algorithms    1994-06 Fuzz, fibs and forms
design        1994-08 Taking exception ...
algorithms    1995-06 Fractionally angular
hardware      1996-07 Chuck's chips
roots         1997-02 Square Roots
review        1997-11 EuroForth '97 Conference
interfacing   1998-05 Reading the World - 1
interfacing   1998-07 Reading the World - 2
interfacing   1998-10 Writing the World - 1
review        1998-11 EuroForth '98 Conference
interfacing   1999-01 Writing the World - 2
applications  2000-08 Logging on - statistically speaking
review        2001-07 3 Free Forths and an OS too!
review        2004-05 The Art of Designing Embedded Systems
programming   2004-07 Certifying your Code

Bezemer, Hans

bons mots     1997-08 Th
systems       1998-05 4th - The Alternative Compiler

Borrell, Richard

strings       1998-03 Deferred Language Translation

Boyd, James A

state machines 2003-12  A Virtual Nondeterministic Machine in Forth
state machines 2004-02  A Virtual Nondeterministic Machine in Forth 2
state machines 2004-07  A VNM in Forth: Update

Brien, Jack

presentation  1990-02 Locals and more (discussion)
MCFAs         1990-08 Comment
control flow  1991-02 Extended ANS structures (F83 code)
presentation  1991-02 GIST for indexing source (code)
file tools    1991-02 Loading dependant source (code)
applications  1991-02 Typing tutor (code)
design        1991-10 Return stack ENTER ISNOW and aliasing
FANSI project 1992-02 FANSI (comment)
arrays        1992-02 Ways with arrays (code)
strings       1993-06 Comment on Blockl & Tack
tools         1993-10 Utilities for F83 on Amstrad PCW
control flow  1994-06 Extending ANSI control structures
vectoring     1994-06 Secure-vectors changed!
presentation  1994-10 Readable Forth
editing tools 1995-06 Full screen editor
control flow  1995-06 Portable control structures
file tools    1995-10 Hierarchical screen filing
strings       1996-07 String handling
interpreting  1996-11 Implementing an outer interpreter
internals     1997-08 Building a New Inner Interpreter
editorial     1997-11 FIG UK Web Site
roots         1997-11 From the 'Net - More on square roots
structures    1998-01 Building Forth Structures
design        1999-01 Working with Wordlists
design        1999-06 Handling Literals
history       1999-11 FIG UK - The Last 20 Years
tutorial      2000-04 All you need to know about STATE, IMMEDIATE and POSTPONE

Brien, Jenny

applications   2001-07 "Quikwriter" proposal
internals      2001-09 Treating Data as Source
applications   2002-01 JenX revisited - A Simple XML Parser
applications   2002-04 Flickwriter Project
state machines 2004-05 Simple State Machines
design         2004-12 EKEY and Events

Brown, Jack

tutorial      1992-06 An indefinite loop example
arithmetic    1992-10 Floored v symmetric division (tutorial)

Carpenter, R.H.S.

control flow  1992-12 Flow-charting method

Charlton, Gordon

permutations  1990-02 Permutations, a new algorithm (code)
fractions     1990-02 Vulgar words (code)
dynamic data  1990-04 Dynamic words (code)
control flow  1990-04 Universal delimiter (code)
sets          1990-06 Set manipulation (code)
sorting       1990-08 Radix, an extravagant sort (code)
FANSI project 1990-10 High-level /MOD using recursion (code)
FANSI project 1990-10 High-level multiply (code)
fractions     1990-10 Rational approximation (comment)
vectoring     1990-10 Resolving forward references (code)
sorting       1990-10 Sorting strings with qsort (code)
roots         1990-10 Square root (code)
state machines 1990-10 Variables for state machines (code)
searching     1990-12 A faster string search (code)
puzzles       1990-12 Name that word
internals     1991-02 A replacement for DO .. LOOP (code)
puzzles       1991-02 Puzzle answers (code)
strings       1991-04 A string pattern matcher (code)
exceptions    1991-04 CATCH and THROW (code)
FANSI project 1991-06 FANSI definitions (code)
FANSI project 1991-08 FANSI bloomers (code)
searching     1991-10 A binary search (code)
concurrency   1991-10 Co-routine monitors (code)
sorting       1991-10 Heapsort (code)
FANSI project 1991-12 FANSI vocabularies (proposal)
tutorial      1992-04 Two geese and a car
graphics      1992-06 Turtle graphics
searching     1993-02 Shift-AND string search (code)
strings       1993-04 ANSI and portability - STRLIT (code)
algorithms    1993-04 Backwards (psychic programming)
design        1993-04 Upside down
tools         1993-04 Wrong way round!
strings       1993-06 Similarity
graphics      1993-08 Drawing a line
graphics      1993-10 Not drawing a line
tutorial      1993-12 Create .. does> ..
presentation  1993-12 StackFlow
searching     1994-02 Best string search (code)
concurrency   1994-04 One-screen concurrent Forth (code)
block tools   1994-04 One-screen library load (code)
stacks        1994-04 Stacrobaticus exotica
dynamic data  1994-06 Work, rest and play
review        1994-10 Riding the wild 'net
tools         1994-12 16-bit cyclic redundancy checksums
review        1995-02 Report from EuroForth '94
algorithms    1995-06 Easter Sunday
control flow  1995-06 Trouble with DO
presentation  1997-02  StackFlow

Crook, Neal

history  2000-06 The Canon Cat

de Ceballos, Federico

review        2000-04 21st FORML Conference

Dunbar, Graeme

state machines 1998-07 Finite State Machines 1/3
state machines 1998-10 Finite State Machines 2/3
state machines 1999-08 Finite State Machines 3a
humour         2003-12 What Languages Fix - Not 

Eckert, Brad

bons mots     1997-08 On Off On? Off?
systems       2001-11   Tiny Open Firmware

Elvey, Dwight

bons mots     1998-01 Setting bits with MASK

Fennema, Boris

review       2002-07 "Write Your Own Programming Language Using C++"
review       2004-07  Design of Embedded Systems

Filbey, Gil

graphics      1990-04 Plotting spirals (tutorial)
probability   1990-12 Probability of common birthdays
probability   1990-12 Random thoughts on probability
block tools   1991-02 Bits and loading blocks (tutorial)
arithmetic    1991-04 Tutorial
database      1991-08 FIG UK database (tutorial)
database      1991-08 FIG UK database (tutorial)
arithmetic    1991-12 Mixed point arithmetic (tutorial)
arithmetic    1992-02 Mixed point arithmetic (tutorial)
arithmetic    1992-04 Mixed point arithmetic (tutorial)
puzzles       1992-10 Tethered goat puzzle, part 1/2
puzzles       1992-10 Tethered goat puzzle, part 2/2
tutorial      1992-12 Escape codes and printing
tutorial      1993-02 A conjuring trick
arithmetic    1993-02 Floating point
tutorial      1993-04 Some old words revisited
random nos.   1993-06 Visualising random numbers on Apple II
random nos.   1993-08 Testing for randomness
tutorial      1993-10 Floating point
tutorial      1993-12 Postfix
tutorial      1994-02 Editorial & Tu
stacks        1994-08 Stacks (tutorial)
tutorial      1994-12 Floating point
arithmetic    1995-02 Cube roots
tutorial      1995-08 Immediacy
tutorial      1995-10 Editorial

Flynn, Chris

FANSI project 1990-10 Discussion on REQUIRES
FANSI project 1990-12 Response to design proposals (comment)
internals     1991-06 Forth engine on 68000
tools         1994-06 Conditional compilation
design        1994-10 Numerical input
review        1998-10 A Hard Day Garbage Collecting

Fowell, Jeremy

hardware      1992-08 P20 chip, part 1/2
hardware      1992-10 P20 chip, part 2/2
review        1998-05 Forth Programmers' Handbook
hardware      1999-01 FIG UK Hardware Project
hardware      1999-04 FIG UK Hardware Project - Progress
hardware      1999-08 FIG UK Hardware Project
hardware      1999-11 FIG UK Hardware Project - Progress
hardware      2000-01 F11-UK Hardware Project - Progress
hardware      2000-03 F11-UK Hardware Project - Progress
hardware      2000-08 F11-UK Hardware Project - Launch
applications  2001-09 "Quikwriter" Project Launch
hardware      2003-09 What's All This Compiler Stuff Anyway?
hardware      2003-09 Connecting an LCD to the F11-UK
hardware      2004-02 F11-UK becomes F12-UK

Franin, Julio

applications  1992-08 Torsion measurement system
tools         1995-02 MC51 Forth debugging

Gassanenko, Michael

humour       2002-01   From the 'Net - the non-English view

Graham, Paul

humour        2003-09 What Languages Fix

Green, Roedy

applications  1990-08 Abundance (database)
systems       1990-08 BBL Forth (review)

Greenwood, Mike

encryption    1998-03 File Encryption

Grey, Nigel

applications  1991-06 Big Blue on the move IBM CAD (review)

Hainsworth, Chris

internals     1990-02 Kiss and run (exploring F-PC)
puzzles       1990-06 Forth brain teasers
FANSI project 1990-10 FANSI that (proposal)
block tools   1991-02 Editing blocks (tutorial)
editorial     1991-04 Forthtalk and EuroFORML report
tutorial      1993-02 Shallow end
history       1999-01 Forthwrite Issue No. 1 revisited

Hainsworth, Sylvia

library       1991-04 FIG UK library bulletin
library       1998-05 Purchases and current publications

Haley, Andrew

arithmetic    1991-04 Function approximation by Chebyshev series
publications  1991-12 FORML 87, 88 & 89 (review)

Hersom, Ed

permutations  1991-10 Permutations (code)
searching     1991-12 Recursive BINSEARCH (code)
permutations  1992-04 Permutations/combinations
algorithms    1992-10 Advanced course
design        1992-10 NVARS
systems       1993-02 Pocket Forth (review)
algorithms    1993-04 Trees & splines
design        1994-08 Simple user interface
editorial     1996-07 Why Forth?
stacks        1997-11 Multi-precision Stack Operators
bons mots     1997-11 NVars [H] [D]
arithmetic    1998-07 Quad (Fixed-Point) Arithmetic

Heuvel, Leendert

hardware      1999-04 The 'Egel Coursebook

Hill, Will

algorithms    1993-06 Solving with Newton-Raphson

Hoyt, Ben

bons mots     1998-03 PLACE is to COUNT as ! is to @

Ives, Robert

review       2001-01 "Forth Application Techniques"

Jakeman, Chris

editing tools 1990-02 Search and replace 1/2 (code)
editing tools 1990-04 Search and replace 2/2 (code)
tools         1990-06 Patch programming aid (code)
arrays        1990-08 Arrays and records (code)
tools         1990-10 Run-time operators (code)
arithmetic    1990-12 A high-level /MOD (code)
vectoring     1991-02 Deferred words (code)
standards     1991-06 Portable code (code)
editorial     1992-08 Soapbox - "Do it yourself"
tools         1992-12 Also and -Also (code)
file tools    1993-02 File access, part 1 (code)
file tools    1993-04 File access, part 2 (code)
file tools    1993-06 File access, part 3 (code)
random nos.   1993-06 Random numbers
file tools    1993-08 File access, part 4 (code)
exceptions    1993-10 Portable CATCH and QUIT (code)
exceptions    1993-10 Using CATCH and QUIT (code)
tools         1993-12 Shell (code)
tools         1994-02 .Call and Assert (code)
tools         1994-04 Check (code)
futures       1994-08 Telescript (comment)
futures       1994-10 Some future directions (editorial)
objects       1994-12 Objects and so forth
design        1995-06 From the 'net
searching     1995-06 Linear search
tools         1995-08 Limit variables (code)
stacks        1995-08 Stack manipulation
interpreting  1995-10 From the 'net - text interpreter
strings       1995-12 From the 'net - please
humour        1996-05 From the 'net - a drinking song
editorial     1996-05 From the 'net - perceptions
control flow  1996-05 If and begin - ANS style
futures       1996-11 Forth and Java (comp.lang.forth)
library       1996-11 Library assets
editorial     1996-11 Sell-by-date
editorial     1997-02 FIG UK joins the World Wide Web
editorial     1997-02 Welcome Disk
strings       1997-02 Pattern Matching 1/3 (tutorial)
editorial     1997-08 Forth News
editorial     1997-08 Bon Mots
strings       1997-08 Pattern Matching 2/3 (FoSM with Forth)
strings       1997-11 Pattern matching 3/3 (Rex)
performance   1998-01 From the 'Net - Speed Demons
review        1998-05 Genetix - The Inside Story
review        1998-10 jeForth
objects       1998-11 OOF - A Minimal Approach
tutorial      1998-11 jeForth Project
systems       1999-01 Web Forth Project
systems       1999-06 Web Forth Project
tools         1999-06  From the 'Net - Iterative Interpretation
tutorial      1999-11 Clock Challenge
review        2000-01 FIG UK 20th Anniversary Reunion
tutorial      2000-01 Clock Challenge - 2nd installment
history       2000-01 Did you Know? - EasyWriter
history       2000-04 From the 'Net, Forth for Novell
roots         2000-04 From the 'Net - Cube Roots
roots         2000-04 Cube Roots Again
history       2000-06 Did you Know? - Forth OS
roots         2000-06 From the 'Net, Cube Roots
review        2000-08 euroForth '99 Conference
history       2000-08 Computer Conservation
history       2000-08 Did you Know? - Forth  v  C
review        2000-11 Forth in the UK
permutations  2000-11 Simple Forth Permutations
history       2000-11 Did you Know? - Open Firmware
hardware      2001-01 F11-UK Hardware Project - Progress
review        2001-07 Gesellschaft 2001 Conference report
history       2001-09 Did you Know? - smart cards
history       2001-11 Did you Know? - large Forth projects
futures       2002-01 The Semantic Web
objects       2002-01 A Safer Mini-OOF
history       2002-04 Did You Know? - Forth Helps Nobel Prize Winners
review        2002-04 From the 'Net
arithmetic    2002-09 Linear Interpolation
resources     2002-09 Source Code Index
tools         2003-01 Using Wordlists for Many[ 
interview     2003-01 An Interview with Barry Culver 
programming   2003-01 From the 'Net: BCD to Binary, Aligning Addresses, Meta-Programming 
programming   2003-01 From the 'Net: Stashing on Return Stack, Interpreted DO 
algorithms    2003-01 Word Completion for Quikwriter Project
hardware      2003-03 F11-UK Hardware Project - Progress
tutorial      2003-03 Sorting a List
review        2003-03 nnCron


Joseph, Neville

stacks        1995-10 Stack manipulation

Kendall, Les

applications  1991-02 Terminal emulator for PC (code)
applications  2001-01 XML and Forth

Koopman, Philip

hardware      1990-10 RTX 4000 (publicity)

Lake, Mike

editing tools 1991-02 Full screen editor in one screen (code)

Lancaster, Garry

systems       1999-04 Forth for the Z88

Lawless, Jim

interview    2001-11   An interview with Tom Zimmer
systems      2004-12   A Brief Introduction to FSharp

Leibniz, David

strings       1991-02 String stack routine (code)

Luke, Gary

bons mots     1997-08 Tally

MacLean, Ruaridh

strings       1991-02 High level DIGIT (tutorial)

Matthews, John

design        1994-02 On his September lecture
applications  2001-01 Forth as Preferred Development Environment

Matthews, Keith

presentation  1990-12 Stack diagrams (explored)

Moore, Charles

interview     1999-06  1xForth
review        2002-07  An Interview with Chuck Moore
history       2002-09  Forth - The Early Years

Morrison, George

interview     2001-11   Charles Moore interview on Slashdot

Myneni, Krishna

systems       2002-04   Special Features of kForth
systems       2002-07   Special Features of kForth 2/2

Noble, Julian

tutorial      2001-09 A Call to Assembly 1/3
tutorial      2001-11 A Call to Assembly 2/3
tutorial      2002-01 A Call to Assembly 3/3

Oakford, Howerd

strings       1998-11 Multiple Language Programs Made Easy
review        2001-01 euroFORTH 2000 Conference report
review        2002-04 euroFORTH 2001 Conference report
review        2003-12 euroForth 2003 Conference Report 

Ouwerkerk, Willem

systems       1999-08 ByteForth for MCS51 cpu's

Payne, John

humour        1990-12 A program that works the French way
probability   1990-12 Probability of common birthdays
FANSI project 1990-12 Response to design proposals (comment)
design        1990-12 Simpler Forth (comment)
FANSI project 1991-08 Notes on FANSI (code)
arithmetic    1991-12 Fixed point arithmetic (word set)
FANSI project 1992-02 FANSI (comment)
strings       1992-04 Text processing
graphics      1992-08 Flood fill
FANSI project 1992-12 FANSI QUIT
editorial     1992-12 Fat, thin or inflatable?
random nos.   1993-08 More on random numbers
graphics      1993-10 How Bresenham's line drawing algorithm works
algorithms    1993-12 Approximate pattern matching
systems       1995-02 A 32-bit Forth for Windows (review)
bons mots     1997-11 3rd Swap@ Sgn #>ASCII
review        1998-07 FORML Proceedings 1994 & 1995

Paysan, Bernd

applications  2000-08 A Web-Server in Forth
applications  2002-09 Competitive Programming

Pelc, Stephen

futures       1999-11 FIG UK - The Next 20 Years
tools         2004-07 Debugging Tools

Pochin, David

algorithms    1994-10 First attempts at Fuzzy Logic
tutorial      1999-01 Forth for the New Year
tutorial      1999-01 Guide to Getting Started
tutorial      1999-04 Getting Stuck Into Win32Forth
graphics      1999-08 Figuring it out with Win32Forth
arithmetic    2000-06 Floating Decimal Fudge
graphics      2000-11 "BLT is not a Sandwich"
graphics      2001-04 Six Easy Fonts
tutorial      2001-09 Win32Forth Fonts
tutorial      2002-01 The End of the Line
graphics      2003-01 Rectangles in Win32Forth 
graphics      2004-05 Regions: Into Unknown Win32Forth 
graphics      2004-12 Paths and Brushes

Powell, Bill

history       1999-01 The Birth of FIG UK
review        2003-03 Forth and the Neuron Chip

Preston, Philip

arithmetic    1991-02 Multi-cell arithmetic (code)
vectoring     1991-04 Forgettable vectors and smart compiling
tools         1991-12 ALIAS ALIAS ALIAS (F83 code)
FANSI project 1992-02 FANSI (comment)
strings       1992-10 TACK and BLOCKL
stacks        1992-12 Stocking fillers - stacks & write-only
control flow  1993-06 Shortcuts and drop-outs
internals     1993-12 RatForth - ANS on F83
internals     1994-02 Ratforth revised etc.
internals     1994-06 Redefining colon
tools         1994-08 More fun with EVALUATE
internals     1994-10 Simulating EVALUATE
internals     1995-10 Variables, values & locals

Prinz, Friederich

objects       1999-01 Counting Fruits the Classic Way

Ramsay, Chris

algorithms    1999-08 Forth and Genetic Programming

Rather, Elizabeth

history       1995-04 The evolution of Forth
history       1995-12 The Forth approach to operating systems

Robinson, Dave

interfacing   1991-08 Mouse handling (F83 code)

Rodriguez, Brad

review        2002-09 Choosing Forth

Rush, Peter

editorial     1995-02 Honeywell Forth Bulletin Board

Smart, Mike

design        1993-10 Computer Shopper Programmer's Challenge

Smith, Graham

applications  1991-02 Logic gates
humour        1995-06 Book titles
tools         1995-06 MARK

Stephens, Chris

applications  1993-08 Seven thousand networked micros
systems       1995-02 Forth for the Transputer (review)

Stoddart, Bill

review  2003-01   euroFORTH 2002 Conference report 

Stott, Barrie

tools         1997-02 Stack Check (code)

Tanner, P.

assembly      1996-05 Linking machine code modules with Forth
systems       1993-06 URForth (review)
presentation  1994-12 Post indentation
systems       1992-04 As in a glass darkly

Tasgal, John

internals     2000-04 An Introduction to Machine Forth
systems       2000-06 An Introduction to Color Forth
systems       2000-06 The BMP Example

Telfer, Graham

design        1996-05 The specification method hunt
tutorial      1998-07 Wondrous Numbers
design        1999-06 Skeletons - Designing a Recursive Application
tutorial      2002-04 Seven Times Five Equals Eleven
design        2002-07 Expanding the Use of the Stack

Thomas, Reuben

design        1992-06 Forth lifestyle

Trapp, John

roots         1991-02 Square-roots for double/floating point

Trueblood, Mike

applications  1999-11 Radio Clock

van Norman, Rick

bons mots     1998-03 MANY for debugging

Vinerts, Henry

review       2002-01 Across the Big Teich
review       2002-04 Across the Big Teich
review       2002-07 Across the Big Teich
review       2002-09 Across the Big Teich
review       2003-01 Across the Big Teich
review       2003-03 Across the Big Teich 
review       2003-07 Across the Big Teich 
review       2003-09 Across the Big Teich 
review       2003-12 Across the Big Teich 
review       2004-02 Across the Big Teich
review       2004-05 Across the Big Teich 
review       2004-07 Across the Big Teich 
review       2004-12 Across the Big Teich 

Wenham, Alan

internals     1995-12 Meandering Forth
bons mots     1997-11 Z
bons mots     1998-01 Printing binary with .SB U1B. U2B.
review        1998-01 Vierte Dimension
review        1999-01 Vierte Dimension
review        1999-11 Vierte Dimension
review        2000-01 Vierte Dimension 4/99
review        2000-04 Vierte Dimension 1/00
review        2000-06 Vierte Dimension 2/00
review        2000-11 Vierte Dimension 3/00
review        2001-01 Vierte Dimension 4/00
review        2001-09 Vierte Dimension 2/01
review        2001-11 Vierte Dimension 3/01
review        2002-04 Vierte Dimension 4/01
review        2002-07 Vierte Dimension 1/02
review        2003-01 Vierte Dimension 3/02

Wilson, R.J.

fractions     1990-04 Rational numbers (code)
fractions     1990-06 Transcendental rationale (code)
roots         1990-08 Root of rational numbers (code)
editorial     1993-06 Seeing trees in the wood

Wong, Leo

bons mots     1998-05 Laying down values with COURSE
file tools    1998-10 ANS File Words for Pygmy Forth
applications  2001-04 Solving a Riddle
tools         2002-09 Iteration with Many: 
tools         2003-07 Reporting the Environment 

Worthington, Thomas

systems       1998-01 Aztec - A Forth For Windows '95

Zimmer, Tom

systems      2001-09 4-bit Forth

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